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What is a 'taster day'?

Many people would like to go on a narrow boat, but are concerned they might find the boats difficult to handle; they might suffer motion-sickness; might find the confined space too claustrophobic - and a whole host of other concerns that put them off taking the plunge and booking a holiday afloat.

To help interested guests, we have introduced 'taster days'. Up to 4 people can spend the day aboard one of our narrow boats in the company of an RYA qualified helmsman, learning about the boats, the canal and - most importantly - having a go at taking the helm and being skipper.

'Taster days' are fun, relaxed and you do as much - or as little - of the helming and crewing, as you choose. You can opt to self-cater aboard or spoil your 'galley boy or girl' by ordering one of our bespoke picnics full of goodies to keep all crew members happy.

Price per 'Taster Day'


  •  up to 4 persons (aged 12 years+) 
  • Includes tuition
  •  light refreshments - tea, coffee, biscuits)
  • all safety gear